Tips You Need to Know About Kayaking

Kayaking is a sport that involves use of a kayak to move across water. Kayaking is an adventurous sport that will entertain and leave the person participating excited. It is a great sport for any person to learn. It is relatively simple to pick up. Like cycling, in a few hours you will be paddling away happily. There are various forms of kayaking for example; Flat water kayaking

Sea kayaking

White water kayaking

As a beginner, there are important tips that you need to be aware of. Some of these tips are safety in nature and will come in handy in the event that you are in a situation that requires their application. This article will briefly introduce and explain some of these tips in addition to other important tips that you need to know about kayaking. Whether you are kayaking in the UK or the best kayaking spots in the world, you will essentially need these tips and skills on your adventure.

Get a lesson

Nothing can be done without proper tutorship. If you are interested in kayaking, it is imperative that you get a few practical lessons on how to effectively puddle. You may deem it unnecessary but you will find yourself paddling in circles. These lessons could save you from a capsize moment and actually teach you how to paddle. These lessons start at a small fee of £5 per person.

Dress for the water not the weather

Wear clothes that are appropriate for the kayaking expedition. Do not let the weather tempt you into wearing clothes to match it. In the summer for example, wear a wet suit and kayaking gloves as well as a water proof cagoule rather than summer clothes.

Choose the right boat

Boat selection should be selected according to the water, type that you intend on kayaking. For example flat water boats should be chosen ahead of other types if you are kayaking on a lake. For beginners, it is advisable to go for sit on top kayaks as they are stable and easy to paddle with.

Always wear buoyancy aids

Buoyancy aids are a lot more like life jackets. They differ in the movement around the arms and neck. Buoyancy aids allow more movement around the arms and neck thereby making them more suitable to kayaking expeditions. They are available for rent and sale from water sport centers. The kayaking schools offer them during lessons. Endeavour to wear one in the event that you are going kayaking.

Sit properly in your kayak

Make sure to sit in the right way when in the kayak. A 90 degrees posture is recommended and not the slouching that you might be tempted to fall into because of the nice comfy backrest the kayak might have.

Hold the paddle the right way

It may sound like basic rules and procedure but most people fall victim to poor handling of their paddle. The right way is to hold it with both hands at shoulder distance apart. Take notice of the concave part of the blade, it should be facing you. This will enable swift sweeping through of the water.

Always bring a change of clothes

This piece of advice sounds so simple that you may think it is not easy to forget. Most people fall victim to this as they forget to carry a set of spare clothes for them to change into after kayaking. The clothes are essential even when you think you will not get wet.

Know how to rescue yourself and others

This is an important rule and should be at the front of your mind. Knowing how to rescue yourself as well as others will determine your expertise as a kayaker. You may not capsize on your first expedition but always have the rescue skills on the ready.

People are more important than boats

No matter the situation, never forget the essential rule that life is more important than equipment. Before you scamper to reach out for your paddle make sure that everyone you are with is safe first.

Don’t kayak alone

Fall not to the temptation of kayaking alone. Many a time solo kayakers capsize and fall into accidents and have no one to help them. In the event of an accident you may need someone to assist you, hence the need to kayak with a partner or in a group.