Boating The Way Through Boredom

There are endless choices in the path of outdoor adventure! Exploring and traveling has fascinated Humans since the beginning. Among these choices, such as hiking, mountain climbing, etc. Boating stands out as a preferred favorite for many. Many people like the mountains, few of them chill at the beach, and some extraordinary people love sailing.

Boating has its own elegance and beauty. It is an experience that will stay with you forever. The connection of water with life is inexplicable yet profound. It is seldom hazardous and always-super fun – doesn’t matter who you are with! The water cushions the boats, making the journey like a surreal dream anyone on board! Kids, adults or seniors – Everyone enjoys boating!

“Row, row, row your boat, Gently down the steam; Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream”

Nevertheless, traditional boating can get a bit boring at times, mainly due to the reason that some people get tired of visiting the same place over and over again, every year, doing the same old things they always do! Improvisation adds more depth and color to the same old boating, and here’s a compiled list of improvised boating alternatives to enrich the traditional boating experience.

1. Wake Surfing!

Wake surfing is a new sport yet the popularity of wake surfing has soared in recent years. Boats now have specialized trim tabs and ballast tanks to create larger and smoother wakes. There has been development of new power systems just for Wake surfing. Wake surfing is one hell of an alternative to boating.

2. Golf Fishing

This Water-sport brings together golf and fishing. Quite obviously. Here’s how it works: The participant notes down how many slings it took to catch a fish. Then, you pitch an inner-tube on the side of the boat, place an artificial turf on the bow, and count how many strokes it took to chip a golf ball through the tube. Adding up the numbers gets the final score. There are many other similar sports such as Frisbee, basketball, football etc. that are celebrated and exercised on the waters.

3. Poker Run

How about gambling and boating? Poker runs are usually for speed freaks! However, there is no need to own a 100-MPH boat to join in the fun. Finishing first isn’t the motive of this sport. All you have to do is complete the cruising course, collecting a new card at each pre-determined stop. At the end of the day, you put your cards together, and whoever has the best hand wins!

4. Extreme Water Adventures

Extreme adventures like shark fishing, kite surfing, backcountry exploring, etc. attract many souls. These are extreme sports and require special assistance from expert personnel. Please read into it before trying.

5. Alternative Harvest

There are many sea dwellers that are fun to harvest and really nice to eat. You can try oysters, for example. Or, maybe steam up a pot of crabs to treat your palette. You can know how to fill a basket and teach you an awesome recipe or two for steamed crabs in Crabbing 101. Depending on where you go boating, there’s a wide range of various species that you could look for.

6. Volunteering

This can get very useful, take on a project to repair or build a new boat! This is great for creating new friends and/or strengthening older bonds! Taking on a project shows commitment and opens the door for learning new things beyond imagination. Volunteering also includes things like offering boats or components or surfboards or anything related to water sports, to the ones that need them more. There are organizations that take care of these things and some even pay money on per day basis! An easy way to make money but also helping others at the same time!

7. Trade Jobs

This is not a sporting alternative but it is a very interesting idea. Trade places with someone else. Trading places mean learning and experiencing new tangents in boating. Sail boaters learn about power boating and vice-versa. Trading places opens the gateway to a new level of interaction with others and enables viewing boating from a different perspective.

To summarize this article

There are countless possibilities surrounding boating and unexpected thrills waiting to be explored in the form of creativity. There are many, many more alternatives which were not mentioned in this article that are to be experienced.. Like offering your owned boats or hitchhiking on the waters, etc.

However, as mentioned earlier, boating can be monotonous but the alternatives stated above only add to the richness of the experience and encourage an adventure of a lifetime! Keep floating in the world of boating and experience all there is to experience.

Happy Boating!