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Why Choose an Inspected Vessel?
M/Y Cinnamon Bay is US Coast Guard Inspected

  U. S, Coast Guard regulations require that all vessels that carry more than six passengers for hire shall be inspected annually by the US Coast Guard.  The CINNAMON BAY undergoes this annual inspection every year in the month of May.  Both a thourough dry dock hull exam and an in the water safety inpection are performed by a US Coast Guard Inspector.  This inpection insures that the vessel is operating under the regulations set out by the Coast Gurad.  It also helps insure that the vessel and its crew are operating in a safe manner.

  Currently there are a number of vessels that are operating in the Virgin Island waters that offer to carry more than six passengers that are not inspected.  They do this by exploiting a loophole in the regulations.  These charters are called Demise Charters.  Under these agreements, you, the charterer, become the legal owner of the vessel for the duration of the charter.  That means you are the sole responsible party for the vessel and its operation!  Do you really want to take on that liability?  These boats do this to reduce operating expenses, so they can offer you a similar experience at lower cost.  Is it worth the savings to charter a vessel thast has never been inspected for safety, while you take on the entire liability and responsibility for its operation?

Insist on chartering an Inspected Vessel for your groups larger than six passengers!!!